Thursday, August 30, 2012

MUSD: 1; NsFH: -59


New Sierra High practice field gate on Fishback Street

I am impressed! Thank you, Nancy Teicheira and MUSD staff!

Beginning around 8:00 this morning, personnel from the Manteca Unified School District actually followed through on one of my suggestions for relieving traffic pressure, blood pressure, and bladder and bowel pressure - all at the same time. Noted on the picture above is Fishback Street's new gate onto the practice field.

The offending after-school Pop Warner Football and Cheer drivers can now drop off and pick up their precious Johnnies and Suzies without stoppering up my driveway. Those who stay all night - the block party parasites - their offensive communal collection of bodily effluents can also be moved farther away from its original placement on my driveway; better their spawn play downwind of it, than I suffer it.

It's Been One Hour...!

I didn’t go before we left
Anticipating plastic cleft
And deep, dark hole with noxious fumes
Enough to fill a house of rooms
With pleading voice, “Oh, coach, may I…?
It’s been one hour- I’ll nearly die!”

Who moved that pot whereon I sat
And listened as my shit went, Splat?
Where tinkle drizzled down my leg?
(Same stuff as from my Daddy’s keg?)
So hot and smelly but, Oh my,
It’s been one hour- I’ll nearly die!

They say it kills -or makes you strong!
(All Chargers know they could be wrong)
I run, I jump with all my powers
I dance, and chant, all evening hours
So full of piss I almost cry
“It’s been one hour- I’ll nearly die!”

(iambic tetrameter) .

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