Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Code-Talking Trustees Maintain The Warden's Prime Directive

Yesterday at 05:48 hrs, up in smoke Mellow Yellow snuck off the gated, guarded (but not sound attenuated) cell block in Guts[y] Green's car. Subsequent events indicate she was detained on some undoubtedly important errand for a period of time.

For a goodly portion of the next hour, Ravaged Red and Guts[y] Green aimlessly knocked about their property.

Then this conversation commenced at 07:02 hrs:

Red: "I think it's that time, Green."

Green: "Whazat?"

Red: "I think it's that time."

Green: "That time?" {called to dogs for the next few seconds}

Red: "Moo-zĕk'-ah." {the mutilated attempt by the monolingual fry cook to pronounce 'musica,' the Spanish word for music}

Green: "Oh, oh... oh...? Oh! THAT time!" {she hastened to turn on the yard radio - it played for the next thirteen hours}

Ravaged Red's sortie into linguistic endeavors ("Something’s Wrong - But You’ll Never Know What It Is")  shows that she falls into the same under-performing quartile as Mellow Yellow. The same goes for the Tertiary Trustee, Guts[y] Green, in her listening skills and her abortive impression of a music show host.

Mellow Yellow should be sooo proud of her #1 and #2 students!

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