Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Going To Pot


My doper-next-door, Mellow Yellow, keeps conflict alive and last week's open pot farm episode again exposed some key deficiencies in her mental makeup. The people of the State of California were being truly compaaassionate when they decided to let Lynda Allen start toking {finally legal now, are you, Auntie Lyn?} because now she can go from being a mere mental basket case to a true THC-supercharged head case.

"Not surprisingly, marijuana intoxication can cause distorted perceptions, impaired coordination, difficulty in thinking and problem solving, and problems with learning and memory. Research has shown that marijuana’s adverse impact on learning and memory can last for days or weeks after the acute effects of the drug wear off. As a result, someone who smokes marijuana every day may be functioning at a suboptimal intellectual level all of the time." {That's smart-talk for "self-induced retardation." [damn! second try...] That's smart-talk for "drugged idiot."}

This has got to be a case of God "Bless[ing] the Beasts and the Children" and putting up with Mellow Yellow (#2).

Aside from her surprise move of voluntarily applying for the first permit of her life {wait! how can I be sure of the 'voluntary' part?}, I knew exactly how her newly [legally] drugged brain was going to respond to the city ordinance that the pot farm be enclosed. If my hearing does not deceive me, she has set her legally adopted handymen to work converting one of her illegal structures to house and grow her precious weed. So I called my attorney for an appointment.

A third important item from yesterday was my attorney visit. At my request he had already worked up and sent a 30-day Notice to Inspect Property, a legal discovery seeking a complete inventory of business assets. The notice will be met with one of two possible responses by the Yellow and Red Defendants (place your bets now):

  • Option A (Dream.) I fully anticipate the same level of generous cooperation, prompt responsiveness, and unrestrained goodwill that the Defendants have demonstrated over the course of the last thirteen (13) months this suit has been open. I expect the same cordial welcoming as always experienced on or about August 13th next, as I inspect, document, and photograph the individual structures and equipment used in conducting the business of TLC Catering and Commissary.
  • Option B (Reality.) The Barefoot Dirty Girls' last communication regarding a potential settlement to the lawsuit was to try blowing smoke up my ass  crank up the radio - obviously declining the offer and again proving the mens rea radio nuisance retaliation.

We then worked out further Demands for Production and a further Request for Admissions relating to the business assets and the cessation of the Defendants' illegal business operations.

To round out yesterday's work, a Motion to Amend Initial Pleadings alleging retaliatory nuisance caused by their maliciously maintaining the outdoor radio will be drafted and filed before filing a Motion for Summary Judgment.

These three banana-shaped xxxxx's will be peeled, dried, and pipe smoked.

{Keep up your deliberately ignorant and unbelievably crude monkey business for just a little longer, Mellow Yellow, Ravaged Red, and Guts[y] Green.}

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