Friday, July 23, 2010

To Do List For 810 Fishback Cleanup

What do we call the mobile home demolition?  A GOOD START!!!

Remove the mobile home, license # FQ1259.

Register abandonment of street address, 812 Fishback Street, with the City of Manteca.

File and publish an Abandonment of Fictitious Business Name Statement for TLC Catering.

Register the discontinuance of TLC Catering and Commissary with the San Joaquin County Environmental Health Department.

Close out the California Seller's Permit for TLC Catering and Commissary with the State Board of Equalization.

Register with the City of Manteca for residential refuse collection service.

Remove the equipment and demolish the covered patio structure behind mobile home (eastward.)

Remove the Trailmobile refrigerated shipping container behind the mobile home (eastward.)

Remove the grease barrels and demolish the storage corral and its impermeable surfaces.

Remove the equipment from the shanty shed on the north property line.

  • Scotsman icemaker and condenser
  • Follett ice storage/dispensing bin
  • Admiral freezer/refrigerator combo
  • Kenmore upright freezer
  • Bally walk-in freezer

Demolish the shanty shed, including concrete pad and corral fence, on the north property line (that is, everything between the outbuilding and the north fence.)

Remove the chest freezer on covered porch attached to main dwelling (eastward.)

Remove the outdoor radio, including the outdoor speaker attached to outbuilding.

Remove all other equipment, fixtures, parts stocks, and inventories currently or formerly used in the nonconforming uses.

Demolish other impermeable surfaces encroaching within current setback requirements immediately south of the north property line.

Replace north property line fence destroyed by water drainage from illegal nonconforming structures and impermeable surfaces.

Remove all commercial vehicles and discontinue parking or bringing Mobile Food Preparation Units onto the property for any purpose.

Remove all inoperable, unlicensed, or unused vehicles formerly used in the nonconforming uses.

Keep only three dogs and/or cats on the property, per MMC 17.07.030, The Keeping of Animals.

Ensure all personal property accessory to outdoor residential use, attended or unattended, shall not create noise, dust, vibration, smell, smoke, glare, electrical interference, fire hazard or any other hazard or nuisance at the north property line.

Every morning from now on - after 8:00 a.m. - each resident shall repeat aloud ten times the motto: “Good Neighbors Keep Their Noise To Themselves”



The Manteca Response said...

With what you've just done here is completely destroyed a shanty town and way of life for millions in Cape Town, South Afrika!

These girls need to move there and be hero's for the cause. Whatever that might be.

The Manteca Response said...

And let's not forget, "Thou Shalt Not Grow thy medical plantation outside the boundaries of thine own parcel."