Thursday, May 27, 2010

Offensive (but Legal) Motion on the Scrimmage Line

Two months ago, the lame duck insurance company lawyer whispered "settlement" into the air, and my attorney tripped over his shoelaces getting a proposed Stipulated Judgment to him on March 30th, offering to hold discovery in abeyance in hopes of settling. Defense made just enough telephone calls over two months to my attorney to keep the false hope alive, especially when he heard about the misdemeanor charge against his clients.

Quite to the contrary, the Barefoot Dirty Girls (BDGs) (through Lynda, aka The Mouth) have consistently threatened, promised, and taunted, "See you in court!" Wouldn't you know it? They have absolutely ZERO interest in settling anything - or going to court, where their leather bottoms will be wiped with their own dish towels. Defense has successfully gamed (stalled) the civil discovery process.

So, let's go on offense again!

Whereas: The civil case has - again! - been continued to 9/14/10.

Whereas: The free pass given to the BDGs seventeen years ago by the City of Manteca is in process of being torn up. (Monopoly image: Every time they pass GO, they will have to pay $200 instead of collect it.)

Whereas: Who better to "unwrite" the grandfather letter than the writer of it?

Whereas: Although no longer in an official capacity, Ben Cantu is certainly familiar with the researched documents, understands them, and knows the only correct conclusion that can be drawn from them -
Lynda Allen and Theresa Brassey lied in 1993 about the TLC Catering business being grandfathered on 810 Fishback Street.

Whereas: A deposition scheduled for last December to establish those facts got swept away in a lawyerly screw-up - and the deposition was never rescheduled. (Someone could die [of natural causes, of course] before the deposition ever gets rescheduled if the matter is left with these two attorneys.)

Be it Resolved: Plaintiff personally requested Ben Cantu write an affidavit attesting to his review of the documents previously submitted (twice!) for admission by the defendants, and his conclusion of lack of grandfathered status for Allen, Brassey, and TLC Catering.

Put your game faces on, BDGs!
(and bring Baby Wipes (c) !)