Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Grand BDG Skedaddle

Description: "Man walking dogs in the 'Grand Skedaddle' of the inhabitants from Charleston, S. C., when threatened by an attack from the Federal troops. When General Brannan made his daring and successful dash upon the railroad between Pocotaligo and Coosawhatchie the terror both in Savannah and Charleston was very great. Despite the fact that General Beauregard with thirty thousand troops was stationed midway between the cities a restless desire for flight took possession of thousands, and for three days the roads to the interior were crowded with as miscellaneous a group as that which marched into Noah's ark. Lieutenant Kirby, of the Forty-seventh Massachusetts Regiment, being then a prisoner, had an excellent opportunity of sketching this motley stream of humanity. But our sketch renders all further description unnecessary."— Frank Leslie, 1896 [Source: Frank Leslie, Famous Leaders and Battle Scenes of the Civil War (New York: Mrs. Frank Leslie, 1896)302]
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Imagine the impotent frustration of Manteca's spayed/neutered Animal Control Department!

It has now been one and one-half years - and four separate contacts - since Lyin' Lynda was reported with too many animals (dogs, cats, chickens) on her property. And guess what? Despite warnings, notices, and citations, there are still too many animals on her property. The dumbass doper, L/L, just ignores the city ordinance, flips off the city officers, and continues to do as she pleases.

As I said last week, "Yep, Lying' Lynda is real good at sniffing ass ... er, sniffing out... dog catchers..."

So good, in fact, that after the latest complaint was logged, the Circus Ringmistress loaded up everybody - and four of the dogs - and disappeared for a week. The two big black junkyard dogs stayed the entire week and were visited daily for feeding/watering.

In the dust of the departing caravan, cometh Animal Control!

No doubt, a most thorough and intensive investigation took place, wherein the intrepid officer managed *not* to attract the attention of the two junkyard dogs, animals who spend their entire days lounging behind the driveway gate and barking at *every* jogger and dog walker, *every* baby carriage stroller and soccer mom car parker who happens to pass or park in front of the BDG's house.

These environmental facts lead me to disbelieve the second sentence of the officer's report. I also take umbrage at the insinuation I cannot count - or lie about it [ you say.] - and that I must somehow do their job [proving the count] for these highly trained officers. (Lyin' Lynda's part in this FUBAR is to supply the lies.)

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Thu 2/24/2011
Closed Request # 593614
Your request # 593614 has been resolved with the resolution:

I been [sic] out to Lynda's house and no one seems to be home or they just don't answer the door, I have not heard or seen any dogs while I was there. I will at least call her and advise her if she has a machine that code enforcement will be taking over. since I have already issued her a citation and she has not got rid of some of her dogs as you say, The code enforcement team will taking over.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Lyin' Lynda and Resectioned Red snuck home a week later (yesterday), after giving Animal Control the slip.

What an amazing coincidence that the BDG's ditched the day after I filed the complaint, and returned the very evening before Animal Control closed the on-line case!

Another oddity is that Corkscrewed Green did not return with them. That was really funny! R/R and L/L had to tiptoe around yesterday afternoon because Corkscrewed is their doggie doo-doo picker-upper and a week's worth of "sole surprise" lay about. (What a life! Picking up shit for those two... just sayin'...)

........Oh, Rapturous Day! Calloo! Callay!, I chortle in my joy.

........They're sending in the code enforcement team?! Really?

........My complaint is being kicked "upstairs"? From the bench warmers to the second string?

Now we're really gonna see some code enforcement ass kickin'!

{Lyin' Lynda loves Manteca's CE circus clowns!}


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