Monday, February 14, 2011

Summary Judgment on Bong Art Copyright Ripoff

Build This Bong: Instructions and Diagrams
for 40 Bongs, Pipes and Hookahs

Home-growing dopers can check out this
exciting DIY manual at this Amazon listing!

I just knew there might be something that Lyin' Lynda may be able to build without tarps. It's a very good thing, though, that she has Resectioned Red to keep her ass out of a legal sling, seeing as how R/R has Patent Office experience (yea, yea... that's gotta be close enough to copyright experience.)

Funny things come up when "summary judgment" is Googled (c).

Plaintiff author wins summary judgment on ripoff of bong illustration, below, from his book, above.
T-shirt defendant rips off inventor's published artwork

Two familiar-sounding quotes from the plaintiff's intellectual property attorney's blog (although L/L nor her attorney understand "intellectual" anything):
Defendant’s second argument disappeared like a puff of smoke, created by use for medicinal purposes only.
. . .
Defendant’s third argument, which may have been formulated in a smoke filled room, claimed...

Gee, those paragraph introductions sound like I could have written them.

It is very apparent that significant commonalities and impairments are shared by dope smokers, whether they live at 810 Fishback Street in the City of Manteca, or not.


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